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Calum Hood Facts

D.O.B: January 25, 1996

Birth Name: Calum Thomas Hood

Education: Year 11 and attended Norwest Christian College

Relationship Status: Single

Shoe Size: 9

Fun Facts:

Calum is NOT Asian. He’s Maori and Scottish. (but born in Auckland, New Zealand and has been living in Australia for a while now)

Calum supports Liverpool in soccer.

He would turn gay for Kellin Quinn.

Calum’s favourite food is pizza.

Calum’s sister is Mali Koa Hood and she competed on The Voice.

The band says that Calum is the most feminine because he has no leg hair.

Calum prefers brown hair on a girl.

“Do you like happy meals?” Calum: “YES. WITH EXTRA HAPPY.”

Calum went to Brazil last year because he got picked to represent Australia in soccer. He gave it up to pursue his music career.

He thinks many people are confused that he’s the only non-blonde, non-white person in 5SOS.

If Calum was a girl, he would date Michael, Ashton would date himself, and Michael would be lesbian because he loves girls too much.

Calum’s the best at PDH.

One of Calum’s many celebrity crushes is Delta Goodrem.

According to Ashton, Calum has the best “ass” in the band.

Calum doesn’t like salt & vinegar chips.

On the Hot 30 twitcam, Calum said his favourite singer is Guy Sebastion.

“What made you introduce Ashton into the band?” Calum: “Uuggh well… I was on eharmony this one time… and we met.”

The boys say Calum has the best body in the band.

Calum said the youngest he would date is 14.

Calum’s favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate. 

He loves Katy Perry.

Calum writes the most 5SOS songs out of the boys.

Calum is the tallest in the band, but all of the boys are really close in height.

He had a big crush on Alicia Keys when he was younger, and he says “it’s been resparked”.

Calum tried a Peach Milkshake in London but didn’t like it.

He has a dinosaur tooth brush Adam Wilkinson got him.

Calum’s mom originated from Auckland, New Zealand.

If Calum had to be stuck in an elevator with anyone, he would want it to be Katy Perry.

Whenever Calum is shirtless Luke always happens to be pantless.

Calum only likes cheddar cheese.

He loves tea.

Calum had his first kiss at the age of 13.

Cal dropped out of high school.

(Credit to @5sosfacts)

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